Provisioning data servicesΒΆ

Minerva uses ansible playbooks to provision servers for its data services. Along with vagrant these playbooks provide a repeatable script to spin up a new data services instance in a few simple commands. Once you have vagrant and ansible installed start up a new data services server as follows.:

cd data_services/deploy/ansible
ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.txt
vagrant up

This will download a fresh image of Ubuntu server from vagrant’s online repository and procede to execute the playbook inside the virtual machine. Once this process is complete you should have several fully functional services running locally.

  1. geonode: user: admin password: geonode
  2. geoserver: user: admin password geoserver
  3. flower:

The celery tasks exposed in flower come from dataqs and will run periodically to ingest new data from public data sets. The new data will show up as layers within geonode.